The Communications in Combinatorics and Optimization (CCO) is a newly established journal having two issues annually. The journal is devoted to advance and promote the theory and applications of combinatorics and optimization as well as interdisciplinary. It is aimed to publish original high quality refereed papers, occasionally survey articles and short notes. There are no fees for submitting, processing or publishing an article in Communications in Combinatorics and Optimization CCO publishes 2 issues annually, the first issue at the end of June and the  second issue at the end of  December. 

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Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2020, Pages 1-81 

1. On relation between the Kirchhoff index and number of spanning trees of graph

Pages 1-8

Igor Milovanovic; Edin Glogic; Marjan Matejic; Emina Milovanovic

2. A study on some properties of leap graphs

Pages 9-17

Ahmed M Naji; B. Davvaz; Sultan S. Mahde; N.D. Soner

4. Total double Roman domination in graphs

Pages 27-39

Guoliang Hao; Lutz Volkmann; Doost Ali Mojdeh

6. The topological ordering of covering nodes

Pages 55-60

Gholam Hassan Shirdel; Nasrin Kahkeshani

8. The 2-dimension of a Tree

Pages 69-81

Jason Hedetniemi; Stephen Hedetniemi; Renu C. Renu C. Laskar; Henry Martyn Mulder

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