A characterization relating domination, semitotal domination and total Roman domination in trees

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1 Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

2 Departamento de Matemática, Universidad de Oriente, Cuba


A total Roman dominating function on a graph $G$ is a function $f: V(G) rightarrow {0,1,2}$ such that for every vertex $vin V(G)$ with $f(v)=0$ there exists a vertex $uin V(G)$ adjacent to $v$ with $f(u)=2$, and the subgraph induced by the set ${xin V(G): f(x)geq 1}$ has no isolated vertices. The total Roman domination number of $G$, denoted $gamma_{tR}(G)$, is the minimum weight $omega(f)=sum_{vin V(G)}f(v)$ among all total Roman dominating functions $f$ on $G$.
It is known that $gamma_{tR}(G)geq gamma_{t2}(G)+gamma(G)$ for any graph $G$ with neither isolated vertex nor components isomorphic to $K_2$, where $gamma_{t2}(G)$ and $gamma(G)$ represent the semitotal domination number and the classical domination number, respectively. In this paper we give a constructive characterization of the trees that satisfy the equality above.


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