Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 79-208 
1. Paired-Domination Game Played in Graphs

Pages 79-94

M.A. Henning; Teresa W. Haynes

3. k-Efficient partitions of graphs

Pages 109-122

M Chellali; Teresa W. Haynes; Stephen T. Hedetniemi

4. t-Pancyclic Arcs in Tournaments

Pages 123-130

Wei Meng; Steffen Grueter; Yubao Guo; Manu Kapolke; Simon Meesker

7. Different-Distance Sets in a Graph

Pages 151-171

Jason T. Hedetniemi; Stephen T. Hedetniemi; Renu C. Renu C. Laskar; Henry Martyn Mulder

8. Directed domination in oriented hypergraphs

Pages 173-183

Yair Caro; Adriana Hansberg

9. On trees with equal Roman domination and outer-independent Roman domination numbers

Pages 185-199

Seyed Mahmoud Sheikholeslami; Sakineh Nazari-Moghaddam

10. On Hop Roman Domination in Trees

Pages 201-208

Nader Jafari Rad; Abolfazl Poureidi