Bounds of Sombor Index for Corona Products on $R$-Graphs

Document Type : Original paper


1 Department of Mathematics, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru

2 School of Engineering and Technology Kumbalgodu, Kanminike

3 University of Kragujevac


Operations in the theory of graphs has a substantial influence in the analytical and factual dimensions of the domain. In the realm of chemical graph theory, topological descriptor serves as a comprehensive graph invariant linked with a specific molecular structure. The study on the Sombor index is initiated recently by Ivan Gutman. The triangle parallel graph comprises of the edges of subdivision graph along with the edges of the original graph. In this paper, we make use of combinatorial inequalities related with the vertices, edges and the neighborhood concepts as well as the other topological descriptors in the computations for the determination of bounds of Sombor index for certain corona products involving the triangle parallel graph.


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