A survey of the studies on Gallai and anti-Gallai graphs

Document Type : Survey paper


1 Christ University, Bangalore, India

2 Department of Mathematics, GITAM University, Bangalore, India


The Gallai graph and the anti-Gallai graph of a graph G are edge disjoint spanning subgraphs of the line graph L(G). The vertices in the Gallai graph are adjacent if two of the end vertices of the corresponding edges in G coincide and the other two end vertices are nonadjacent in G. The anti-Gallai graph of G is the complement of its Gallai graph in L(G). Attributed to Gallai (1967), the study of these graphs got prominence with the work of Sun (1991) and Le (1996). This is a survey of the studies conducted so far on Gallai and anti-Gallai of graphs and their associated properties.


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